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Asset MarketPlace specializes in Disability Income Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance and innovative Linked/Combination Insurance products. We also provide related advisory services such as Insurance Consultation, Periodic Review and Asset Protection Planning.

We provide benefits to associations, small businesses and individuals.

Asset MarketPlace offers the best of what is available in the insurance market. As independent insurance wholesalers we have access to a wide selection of policies. So we are freed up to focus on the concerns and interests of our clients as opposed to selling specified insurance products.

Our certified insurance professionals provide top-notch advice. We consult with clients to assess protection needs and to identify how much insurance to buy, what kinds of insurance and which options to select. Then, we search the opportunities offered by the top insurance carriers in the country to find the most suitable coverage for you at the best possible price. The result is financial protection that will meet your goals and that will be on hand when needed most.

Group coverage is available for associations and small businesses. These are voluntary benefits made accessible to members or employees to purchase with no administrative fees. The advantage is discounted rates and simplified qualification process in many instances.

Whether you are purchasing a traditional life insurance policy, activating a group benefit option or buying a complex policy, our staff will provide professional, expert advice that you can rely upon. We do our job well and respectfully so you can make the best financial protection decision for your loved ones and for yourself.

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