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Member Insurance Protection

Asset MarketPlace offers a variety of insurance products that provide lifelong protection to association members and their families. These are high quality insurance products underwritten by nationally recognized companies such as Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, Principal and MetLife, to name a few. Many of the policies include special benefits and discounts available only to association members.

The range of coverage includes: Life, Long-Term Care, Disability Income, Business Expense Income and Critical Illness Insurance. These are completely voluntary and portable insurance policies. Certain policies include enhanced benefits not available to the general public. Our certified insurance professionals provide advisory services to association members and their families including access to our call center and a complimentary assessment of their financial protection needs at no obligation.

Insurance coverage is a safety-net that can protect you and your loved ones from catastrophic risk and help you manage and plan for life events. Choose from these affordable options:

Long-Term Care coverage protects member's life savings when they or family members develop chronic illnesses that require day-to-day care. It allows individuals the choice to remain independent and receive the quality care they need at home. The chances of needing some form of long-term care are 1 in 2. Long term care policies protect members against devastating financial and emotional impact. Members can enjoy a Preferential Rate – 10% lower than a standard rate – for members, their spouses, parents and grown children. Click here to learn more about LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE.

Disability Insurance provides income when a member cannot work because of an accident or sickness. Click here to learn more about DISABILITY INSURANCE.

Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump-sum payment upon diagnosis of some of the most costly illnesses and conditions. The benefit may be used however the member wishes.

Life Insurance benefits often times provide a financial foundation for a family to meet their needs and carry on without a breadwinner. Click here to learn more about LIFE INSURANCE.

Our Single Premium Annuity can help members in their retirement years by providing a steady stream of income for as long as they live. Click here to learn more about ANNUITIES.

Contact us today for more information on how our association insurance benefits can help your members can protect themselves from large, unanticipated expenses and plan for life events while staying within your budget.