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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is recommended for everyone who works. Why? Because the fact is that an employees' income is their most valuable asset. Often under-rated, Disability Insurance is frequently overlooked even though the statistics show that is it needed to safeguard income. For women it's one in three, for men it's one in four. That is the probability of being out of work for more than 90 days at some point in an employees working years.

A disability or injury not only means loss of income it can also mean additional expenses such as medical bills, modifications to home or cars, and so on. Almost everyone who works, regardless of their marital status or family situation, should strongly consider disability insurance.

Ideally short-term and long-term disability programs are offered as a seamless benefit. An integrated program allows for early intervention and the best opportunities for pro-active rehabilitation from the onset. This is advantageous both in terms of employee well-being as well as workplace productivity.

Typically, benefits range between 40% - 65% of gross salaries. Plan options vary significantly so speak to a knowledgeable representative at Asset MarketPlace before considering disability coverage.

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