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Life Insurance with "Linked" Long Term Care Benefits

There are now insurance products available that are called "linked-benefits policies" that combine death benefits along with Long Term Care benefits in a single policy. This is not "too good to be true" but rather the wave of the future.

Asset MarketPlace has been at the forefront of this innovative wave. We are a wholesale of a ground-breaking insurance concept called Life for the Living™ available for those who live or work in New York State.

For those of who do not reside or work in New York, stay tuned, more and more "Linked Benefit" Life Insurance policies (and Annuities) are becoming available.

Innovative Option for Individuals who live or work in New York State: LIFE INSURANCE WITH BOTH DEATH AND LIVING BENEFITS

Living Benefits
A Universal Life insurance policy, underwritten by National Life Insurance Company, can now offer you unprecedented flexibility. Life for the Living™ is an innovative universal life insurance product. You can customize your coverage with the Accelerated Benefits Rider, which can provide access to the death benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. Use of accelerated benefits will reduce the policy's cash value and death benefit. There is no restriction placed on the use of the benefit received. Life for the Living™ is offered to those up to age 85 and who work or live in New York (primary or secondary residence).

Why invest in a Universal Life policy?
You have worked hard to accomplish all that you have and preserving what you have achieved is surely a top priority. Universal Life insurance is a powerful financial tool that can provide your family with financial security. So whether you are saving for retirement or already transitioning into it, investing in Universal Life insurance can be one of the most valuable decisions you make.

Cash Value Accumulation
While you are living, your policy will build cash value on a tax deferred basis. Because the cash value belongs to you, you are allowed to borrow or withdraw from your policy when you need access to policy values.

Premium Flexibility
Universal Life insurance offers a flexible premium payment structure. You can make regular, level payments, or change payment amounts; you can skip payments altogether (subject to the contract's minimums and maximums). It is important to remember that you do need to make premium payments sufficient to keep the contract in force. Paying higher premiums than are necessary can result in greater premium payment flexibility down the road.

This policy provides death benefit coverage to attained age 120, assuring you that your policy will withstand the test of time, even as people continue to live longer. Regardless of where interest rates go, your policy is guaranteed to always earn at least 3%.

Death Benefit
At your death, the income-tax free proceeds from your policy will be paid directly to your beneficiary - free from the costs, delays and publicity of probate. Your policy's death benefit is also flexible. You may increase or decrease your death benefit as your needs change without having to purchase a new policy.

The Benefits of Life for the Living™
When diagnosed with a long term illness, paying medical costs can be a financial burden. Selecting a life insurance policy that provides living benefits can help lessen your financial worries by knowing you have access to your life insurance death benefit, income-tax free, in case of a chronic illness.

Access to funds that can help you:
  • Pay medical insurance deductibles
  • Cover expenses for medical procedures or drug therapies
  • Pay family members or friends to assist with your care
  • Replace income or help with everyday expenses
  • Eliminate debt
  • Cover expenses for home health or nursing home care
  • Travel or pay for entertainment

Added Advantage
Life for the Living™ is a universal life product which gives the insured life insurance with an accelerated benefit without having to qualify for long-term care insurance. Individuals who do not qualify for long term care due to health issues, such as heart disease, MS, diabetes, depression, even some forms of cancer, could still qualify for Life for the Living™ and utilize living benefits for their care. If you qualify for life insurance, you qualify for Life for the Living™.

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